Manage Your Data to Accelerate Your AI Transformation

We are now there, where science fiction is no more a matter of imagination! How could we believe that one day intelligent machines become so indispensable to our lives that much faster, while smart phones were even so fantastic just two decades ago. Future might have arrived earlier than we expected.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications rapidly spread over many fields of our daily lives such as manufacturing, transportation, entertainment industry, agriculture, finance and public safety. For instance, we are less likely breaking traffic rules since AI powered cameras could identify any violations immediately. It is so obvious that we will heavily rely on AI powered services just in the near future.

85% of business leaders states that AI transformation is a strategic competency in today’s business. Even there is a giant demand growing towards empowering business with AI, only very few organizations have enough data to fuel their transformation.

AI is basically a machine’s ability to perceive its environment and react according to its task with human like decision making and without human intervention. As like experiences make us learn, machines are also trained to learn from experiences, which are created by data sets teaching AI to replicate humans’ capability of pattern
recognition. Data is the fuel of machine learning, the better the quality of the data you train with, the better the AI project’s result is.

Due to the need of massive well organized data-sets, an AI project should not be considered as a plug and play machine, it is rather a long term challenge. While advancement of hardware technology provides higher processing power with lower costs, making a machine to learn faster does not mean to get desired results out of the process. Before beginning your AI transformation, you should remember that the key to success is your data governance strategy.

CLIMS ® is a powerful data governance tool with well defined data policies and standards to ensure the qualiy of data. By using CLIMS ® you are going to reduce major cost of the time spent to clean, organize and integrate massive data collection during your AI transformation. Considering the volume of data processed at a forensic laboratory, data governance is definitely not something that can be fixed later. Take a step forward and begin to work on your intelligent data governance strategy to boost your productivity and accelerate your AI transformation