Stay Productive Under Any Circumstances

Recent COVID-19 wawes still force authorities to take various immediate measures that negatively affect business continuity. This pandemic has once again demonstrated how organizations that can well adapted to  new technologies could maintain their productivity in any crisis situation.

Many law enforcement authorities have faced serious challenges during this period, except the ones who already engaged in technology before the pandemic. As we observed, for instance, the institutions using CLIMS®modules could keep their operations smoothly even if they had relatively limited resources. With CLIMS, laboratories could maximize their efficiency by organizing experts’ workloads dynamically without causing any delays that may be caused by the absence of a team member.

No More Burnout With Automated Workload Management

“Burnout” is now officially recognized by the World Health Organization and managing it is no more an individual responsibility, but rather it is your duty as an organization. Besides its human dimensions, we’re considering this phenomenon as one of the top threats against your laboratory’s overall success. Therefore, we’ve eveloped the integrated Automated Workload Management module and Performance Monitoring system to deal with the reasons of burnout such as; unfair treatment, unmanageable workload, lack of role clarity, lack of internal communication and support, and unreasonable time pressure.