After the 3rd International Security Congress

Greetings, Forensics Enthusiasts and Innovators! With the echoes of engaging discussions and the buzz of innovative ideas still in the air, we are thrilled to recap the highlights from the 3rd International Security Congress. This event was not just a gathering; it was a convergence of brilliance, a celebration of innovation, and a deep dive […]

We are ranked 18th in the ‘Sectoral Software – Defense’ category among Turkey’s 500 largest IT companies

Exciting News! We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been ranked 18th in the “Sectoral Software – Defense” category among Turkey’s 500 largest IT companies.  This accomplishment wouldn’t have been possible without our dedicated team and valued partners. Thank you for your trust and support. We remain committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions for a better future. […]

Stay Productive Under Any Circumstances

Recent COVID-19 wawes still force authorities to take various immediate measures that negatively affect business continuity. This pandemic has once again demonstrated how organizations that can well adapted to  new technologies could maintain their productivity in any crisis situation. Many law enforcement authorities have faced serious challenges during this period, except the ones who already […]

Manage Your Data to Accelerate Your AI Transformation

We are now there, where science fiction is no more a matter of imagination! How could we believe that one day intelligent machines become so indispensable to our lives that much faster, while smart phones were even so fantastic just two decades ago. Future might have arrived earlier than we expected. Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications […]

HIrisPlex System for Prediction of Hair & Eye Color

The HIRISPLEX system has been developed for eye and hair color estimation with 24 SNP regions. Hirisplex panel can contribute to the direction of the investigation and to quickly clarify the case in unsolved cases or in identifying missing persons and disaster victims.